Sterling Silver

Sterling Silver

Sterling silver is often found in our collection of household goods and it is a popular estate item. Flatware, decorative table accents, jewelry, candlestick holders and many more items are made of sterling silver. 

What is Sterling Silver?

Sterling silver is 92.5% pure silver and 7.5% other metal.  The other metal is usually copper and it is added to the silver to make it stronger.  Pure silver has a higher monetary value than sterling but it is soft which makes it hard to work with and not ideal for the production of household items and jewelry. Sterling silver became very common starting around 1840 and maintained heightened popularity for a century.  Sterling may not fetch as much cash as pure silver but there is an aesthetic feel and often a collectable value that makes sterling silver items popular at estate sales.

How to identify sterling silver in your collection of household items?

To determine if the sterling silver in your possession is the real deal items will be stamped with a hallmark or the word “sterling” or  the number “925”.  These identifiers are small and generally placed on the backside of bowls and plates or on the handles of place settings. Sometimes the mark might not be obvious so a good thorough look may be needed.  It is illegal to have the hallmark or “925” stamp on  silver that is fake and items that are silver plated. Our estate sale experts can identify what items you have that are true sterling and will have resale value.

Sterling silver is the most common form of silver and originated in England during the 13th century. Your sterling silver collection may include collectables and have other characteristics that can draw a crowd to an estate sale.

Talk to us about a free evaluation where we will determine the value of your sterling and all the other household items, that you are ready to part with, that can contribute to a successful estate sales.

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