Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ's For Sellers

What’s involved in a our standard estate sale package?

Our standard estate sale covers most client’s needs. Basically, we do it all from evaluating items, staging, pricing, marketing, hosting and clean-up. Please refer to our service package page to learn more.

How much does it cost for an estate sale?

A flat service fee + 30% of sales.

Do you give an estimate as to how much the estate sale will earn?

One thing we want all our clients to take into consideration is what their goal for the sale is. While we will never take a sale that is not going to cover our cost, with that being said we’ll take smaller sales other companies turn away, but the goal for our client should be to have the house emptied out and have our services paid from the proceeds of the estate sale; instead of hiring a company to come in and move everything for thousands of dollars.

During our initial free consultation, we try to give a very conservative estimate, as it’s hard to know how many items are in a house, especially if clients are still deciding what to keep. And who knows what treasures we may find that have been hidden in cupboards and drawers for the last 30+ years! We’ll absolutely give you a conservative price evaluation and you have our word that we do not take sales where you will be writing us a check!

How long will it take to set the sale up and get the home ready for the estate sale?

Depending on the home between 1 to 2 weeks. We like to have the sale ad posted for at least 2 weeks prior to the sale to ensure the most advertising and attendance we can for the sale.

How many days will my estate sale last?

2 to 4 days depending on how much is in the estate.  We also offer online estate sale auctions which typically last 7 days.

What can I do to prepare before you set-up my estate sale?

Ensure that you and all your family have taken the things you want and that they are picked up and out of the house. Everything that’s left is for the sale. Do your best to go through personal paperwork, photos, etc.  We will inevitably find more as we go and will, of course, put them aside for you. Any food that is open in the cupboards or in the fridge/freezer should be thrown away, as well as any expired food. We can take care of almost everything else. After you’ve cleared what you want out of the house, we typically ask you to leave things in cupboards, drawers etc. Moving and placing things around the house will make the whole process more difficult and leaving books on shelves, clothes in closets will make the whole process easier and simpler.

How do you ensure valuables from the sale are secured? Do you have security?

We keep all valuable and small items at the front desk and any gold or silver jewelry in glass cases that we open and supervise the handling of. While we do not have a “security team”, we do have a full staff, who continuously walk through the house, talking with customers and watching the sale.

We make sure that the house is secure and allow one entrance in and out by the
cashier table, and only allow people to open or use garages, or other exits, if
they are moving large items.

Are you insured during the sale? And what does this cover?

We are fully licensed and insured during the whole time we are in your house, from the set-up till we have removed all of our set-up items from you home after the sale. Our insurance covers everything from damage to the home to personal injury from shoppers or ourselves. We are also bonded and this covers any theft or damage of your home or items from us or our employees. On top of this we take every precaution to properly accommodate for uneven walkways, steps, basements, overhanging items like dining room chandeliers, etc. We’ll put up signs and arrange furniture to block off unsafe areas.

How do you price items for the estate sale?

For most household items we use are vast experience and professional expertise to price according to current the trends; what is selling, and what the item’s value in the resale market currently is.

For unusual, rare, extremely valuable, or items with verifiable authenticity, we use our large network of experts, art auction memberships, professional researches, and online sources as well. We then determine the value of the item based on current sold prices for similar items, and the aesthetics of the particular item.

How will you promote my sale?

We get the word out!

Our goal for every estate sale is that it is well attended!  We advertise on Facebook, EstateSales.Net, Craigslist, and posted signs.  Photographs of sale items are posted on the internet pre-sale to peak interest and we alert our loyal following of estate sale shoppers of upcoming sales via e-mail blasts and our website.

Does B&B Clean Up after an estate sale?

When your sale is done, we leave any left-over items in neat areas in the home, leaving counterswiped,carpetsvacumed and floors swept. This is part of our standard estate sale package.

What do I do with leftover items?

We typically sell 75-80% of the items in the home.  Any left-over items, we leave left-over in neat areas in the home.

If you would like us to dispose of certain items, we offer options. Please refer to our Additional Services for more information.

Do you offer professional cleaning services following your sale?

Yes we can hire a professional cleaning company who is licensed, insured, and bonded to do a final clean-out. We will deduct this cost from your portion of the proceeds of the sale, or we can put you in contact with the cleaning company and you can arrange a time with them yourself.

FAQ's For Shoppers

Do you charge sales tax?

We are a licensed service provider in the state of Washington and are required to do so by law.

Do you have sign-up sheets?

No we post the sale address three hours prior to the sale, and will have numbers at the door for customers to take and line up in order when we open. We will not honor any sign-up sheets made by customers.

How do I get notifications of your Estate Sale Alerts?

You can sign up on here, or under or follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. Our estate sales take place throughout the Seattle area, including Tacoma, Everett, Bellevue, Mercer Island and Edmonds. Please visit our upcoming estate sales to find a sale near you.

Are prices available prior to the sale?

We do not give any pricing information out prior to the sale.

Do you negotiate on the first day?

Our prices are firm the first day and can be negotiated on the second day. The final day of the sale all items are 50% off if they are over $1.00.

Are sales final?

All sales are final. We are not responsible for anything that happens to your items once you leave the sale.

Do you charge a fee for using debit or credit cards?

We do not charge any additional fees for credit and debit cards and you can use them for any amount of purchase no matter how small or large.

If my child breaks something am I responsible for paying for it?

Unfortunately yes. While we love little kids at our estate sales, please do make sure you’re watching them and that they mindful of other shoppers.

Estate sales are an efficient, time saving and more often then not, a cost effective way to sell off personal belongings.  There are multiple situations where someone should consider estate sale services!

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Our estate sale services offer many benefits when you need to clear out the contents of a home.  An estate sale can save you money, reduce your stress and free you up to take care of all the other aspects of your big move.

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