Estate Sale Benefits

5 Reasons to Use Our Estate Sale Services

1. Save time and energy

There’s no need for you or family members to sort through and catalog every item in the home. And you don’t need to worry about setting it up and being there to run the sale! We’ll do it all for you so that you can do something else, like enjoy some free time – especially since our average sales are 3 days! We’ll clear out the home for you so that it’s ready for the next stage.

2. Reduce stress

Moving, downsizing or overseeing a loved one’s estate is already emotionally draining. And then you have to manage the sale of all the items within a house! Let us free you from that burden, so that you can lean on us. We’ll manage everything and provide you with an objective, experienced perspective.

3. Increase revenue

Everything in a house is wonderful for a sale, not just the rare or collectible items. Often, it’s the things that you don’t think have much demand that shoppers want to buy! From our years of estate sale experience, we know the items in your house that buyers will find most valuable. And we’ll price everything accordingly to help you make the most from your estate sale. And we accept credit cards, which will increase your sales profit.

4. Get the word out

Through our marketing and advertising channels, we’ll get the word out to ensure you attract as many buyers to your sale as possible! Our typical 3 day sales will generally liquidate around 80% of your items.

5. Credibility

Compared to local garage sales, professional estate sales carry a greater perceived value. That’s why they attract more buyers and higher quality customers.

We Can Help You

    We Can Help You

      Our estate sales are noteworthy because we put a lot of effort into them! Here’s how we create a successful estate sale, while making the entire process as easy and stress-free for you as possible. 

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      Our service begins with a free consultation to evaluate and determine if our estate sale services will be of benefit to you. Once we proceed we provide all the services needed for a successful smoothly run estate.

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