Garage Sale?

Garage Sale vs Estate Sale

There are multiple ways to get rid of the stuff in your home that you no longer need or take with you. What are your options? There is the dump, a second use store, a charity, or Craigslist. And then there is the garage sale. Choosing this option may seem like a good idea initially, but hosting a successful garage sale has many many challenges that won't be obvious until you start preparing for your weekend of peddling your possessions to strangers,from your driveway.

5 challenges you will experience with your garage sale

  1. Preparation. Getting ready for a garage sale, takes a tremendous amount of time and energy.  Just packing for a move is so time consuming and challenging that most people will take time off from work to get it accomplished. Imagine taking that process up a level, in order to host a garage sale. Every possession will require immediate thought about where to put it, what’s it’s value, how much should it cost and where should it be displayed. Preparing for a garage sale requires quite a bit of sweat equity and most likely, a disappointing return on investment.
  2. Leftover Stuff. What will you do with all the items you dug out of the woodwork that did not get scooped up by shoppers? Possessions will either have to go back into the woodwork or be hauled off to the dump or to a thrift store.
  3. Some People. All walks of life will come to your garage sale!  Despite the positive aspects of that statement, it has a downside. People who will  harm your property, shoplift, smoke & display general acts of rudeness. The likely-hood of conflict is also real.  Be prepared for encounters with aggressive, thrifty bargain shoppers who will insist on haggling over prices, no matter how low you mark them. 
  4. Advertising.  How will you get the word out? Preparation for the sale is a lot of work to risk a low turnout. Drawing enough people to a garage sale takes effort, creativity, resources, organization, and probably some cash for a successful turnout.  
  5. Time wasted. You can’t get the garage sale weekend back! If you don’t reach your financial or purging goals you will probably find the whole lengthy garage sale experience a disheartening exercise in futility. 

Consider an estate sale it may be the perfect solution

  • PreparationYou will not spend hours, days even months dealing with the tedious and often emotional task of preparing for your sale. Our estate sale experts take care of it all!  That means with our experience and skills in estate sales and a minimal amount of  direction from you we will go forth a conquer the tasks of sorting through your items, organizing them, pricing them and displaying them for the sale. Professional preparation for a sale is invaluable when conducting a sale from your home. Valuing items correctly, displaying them appropriately, and creating a fun and effective shopping environment can make or break the success of your garage sale. NEW: We now offer online estate sale auctions!
  • Leftovers. Post sale work can be very time consuming and labor intensive. Possessions that do not sell, and you no longer want, we will haul off to appropriate destinations such as second-hand stores or the dump.
  • People. Dealing with a crowds of strangers is what estate sale professionals are trained to do. Not all shoppers will be friendly, socialized or even appropriate.  We watch over your shoppers to make sure your stuff and your property is safe. We also make sure you get fair value for your items.
  • Advertising. We get the word out about your sale so the hard work of pulling it together is not lost on a small, ineffective turn out. As an estate sale service we have the resources to efficiently and effectively promote your sale and attract your ideal customers.
  • Time wasted.  Enjoy life, an estate sale run by professionals puts the ease in downsizing!

Will an Estate Sale Work for You? Request a Free Evaluation!

If need to downsize, move, or handle a family’s estate, contact us before you consider setting up a garage sale. Just request a free consultation. At your convenience, we’ll schedule a time to meet with you at your home. We will evaluate the items in your home to determine if our estate sale services will be the right fit for you.

Estate sales are an efficient, time saving and more often then not, a cost effective way to sell off personal belonging.  There are multiple situations where someone should consider estate sale services!

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Our estate sale services offer many benefits when you need to clear out the contents of a home.  An estate sale can save  you money, reduce your stress and free you up to take care of all the other aspects of your big move.

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