Elderly Parents, Downsizing & Timing

Helping Your Elderly Parents Simplify

An Estate Sale company can help streamline and reduce the challenges of  clearing out a home of its possessions when it is time to sell.

It’s actually quite surprising what a complex and extraordinary web of tasks is involved in helping family members transition to a new lifestyle. It’s often fraught with a unique set of logistical, financial and emotional concerns. The folks who are tasked with the guardian responsibilities of this move will likely face unexpected stress and unnecessary friction.

If the opportunity to plan in advance is available take advantage of it!  Planning ahead is a practical maneuver that will give you the ability to control what can easily get out of hand.

Cut yourself a break and start planning now before your situation “gets real”.

3 Reasons to get ahead of the game:

Emotional Reasons – Take the time to really evaluate what possessions should go and what should be sold.  Sentimental reasons to keep something is often met with regret when two years later the item has not left its box and remains collecting dust in a cluttered storage area. On the other end of the spectrum, in haste,  you may end up giving things away that have value and could have been sold.

Practical Reasons – Providing ample time to handle your estate sale is ideal!  Time allows your estate sale professionals to thoughtfully examine the contents of the home in order to properly sort through, price, and organize items. There are multiple phases in the planning process and it is not uncommon to experience some set backs. Providing a reasonable amount time to appropriately prepare for the sale will provide the time required to iron out unexpected wrinkles.

Timing – planning ahead will allow you to schedule the perfect week for your estate sale. Get those dates in the calendar that will not conflict with your timeline and cause undue stress.

Anytime of year is a good time for an estate sale because there are plenty of folks raring to shop all year long! 

Think about 

  • holiday shoppers looking for unique gifts
  • resellers who need to stock their inventory
  • collectors who don’t want to miss an opportunity for a rare find 
  • renters who just signed a lease and want to  buy unique finds to deck out their new domain.  

People tend to think summer is the best time for an estate sale but with the rising popularity of estate sale shopping estate sales are popular year round. Holding a sale in November through April  just means less competition for shoppers’ attention.

If the experience of helping your elderly parents downsize and sell their home is on your horizon hiring an Estate Sale company can be a life saver! The services of an estate sale company most often do not require dipping into yours or their wallet and the estate sale evaluation is a free and simple first step.  Let the estate sale professionals take on the burden of clearing out your parent’s home so you can spend your valuable time focusing on your family.  

The first step to creating more room in your life is easy.  Sign up to schedule your free evaluation.