Socially Safe Estate Sale Shopping

Keeping It Safe & Pleasant for Everyone!

We’re following current COVID-19 protocols during our estate sales to help keep everyone safe, while also maintaining the pleasant shopping experience that many of our shoppers are accustomed to.

Esate Sales During Covid-19What does that mean?

Facemasks Are Required

Anyone entering the sale, or standing in line, must  wear a facemask.

Our Estate Sales are First Come, First Serve

In order to ensure the safety of our shoppers, and everyone working the sale, we’re limiting the number of people who can enter the sale at any given time. Shoppers will receive a number when they arrive.

We will have numbers available at the home the morning of the sale starting – before the estate sale officially opens.

Shoppers will need to present their number by the opening of the sale, lining up in numerical order while maintaining social distancing practices – 6 feet.

We will allow shoppers to enter the sale as space allows, and according to the size of the home.

Shopping Intervals

We’re staggering out the amount of people entering our sales at any given time to maintain proper distancing, and to ensure the comfort of our shoppers. The size of the estate sale’s house will determine how many shoppers we can have enter the sale at any given time. Upon entry to the sale, shoppers will be allowed to shop for certain intervals – generally 30 minutes.

By maintaining 6’ distancing, limiting shoppers interactions with other shoppers, and asking everyone to wear facemasks, we believe that we can maintain a safe, and pleasant estate sale shopping experience for everyone.

Thank you for your understanding, and patience, during these unprecedented times.

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