Online Estate Sale Auctions

Try an Online Estate Sale Auction

Want an estate sale without people walking through your house? Consider an online auction for your estate sale! Just like everything else in the world, estate sales have gone digital too, making it easy for shoppers to browse your items online, bid on them over an extended period, and then purchase these items just like any other online purchase, with a credit card! If you’d like to learn more about having Bedknobs & Broomsticks oversee an online auction for your estate sale, please call us at (206) 679-528 or contact us online!

5 Benefits of an Online Estate Sale Auction!

  1. Buyers Have More Time to Buy Your Stuff!– Our live estate sales typically take 2-3 days, where as an online auction usually run about 1 week.
  2. Increase Demand (and prices!)for Your Itmes! What will you do with all the items you dug out of the woodwork that did not get scooped up by shoppers? Possessions will either have to go back into the woodwork or be hauled off to the dump or to a thrift store.
  3. It’s More Convenient for Shoppers!-Buyers don’t have to drive to wherever you’re located, and they don’t have to stand in line. And it’s easy for them to browse through your auction items from the comfort of their home, or from your phone (wherever you are!) and to place bids & buy online.
  4. Your Items are Easier to Find (+ you can move more stuff!)– Nothing is buried! All the items you want to sell are given the same online space for shoppers to find. There’s no need for shoppers to have to dig through other items. We also get to feature dedicated photos and descriptions for each item, so the information is easily accessible for shoppers 
  5. Your Privacy and Your Property (and items!) are Protected!– You don’t have to worry about people traipsing through your house, creating any possible wear and tear, or damage, or risks of accidents. And if you live in a condo, you might have to abide with an HOA that may not allow you to have a public sale in your property.
  6. Online Sales Save Time!– The turn-around time from getting your sale on the books to starting to sell your items is faster with an online auction, compared to a live sale. Why? It takes more prep time on our part to properly set up and stage each estate sale. When people buy your items online, we follow up a local pick-up policy too, so there’s no need to have anything shipped, or to hang around during the sale waiting for someone to hold an item, and wait for them to come back.
  7. You Can Sell Any Number of Items Online – No minimum!– Because live auctions take more time to set up, we generally require a minimum amount of items that can generate a set revenue. This makes it more convenient for everyone. You can concentrate on selling certain items. It’s easier for shoppers to find these items and bid on them. You can sell the majority of your items, or concentrate on selling a few. What have you got to lose?

Will an Online Estate Sale Work for You? Request a Free Evaluation!

The benefits of having an online estate sale really make it a win-win for everyone. Let us know if you’re interested in having one, or if you’d like more information. We’d be happy to give you a free evaluation for an online estate sale!

Estate sales are an efficient, time saving and more often then not, a cost effective way to sell off personal belonging.  There are multiple situations where someone should consider estate sale services!

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Our estate sale services offer many benefits when you need to clear out the contents of a home.  An estate sale can save  you money, reduce your stress and free you up to take care of all the other aspects of your big move.

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