Rainy Day Blues

Rainy Day Blues

Hobbies will get you through!

Rainy, cold Seattle winter got you down? A hobby is a surefire way to erase those seasonal blues. With the right tools combined with a handy How-To YouTube video, you can be on your way to a merry winter season. Research is a great way to jump-start your enthusiasm and learn the necessary tools to begin your new creative endeavor. 

Typically, the tools of whatever trade you want to pick up to lift your spirits come at a cost that may bust your budget.  If the start-up costs are holding you back, then an estate sale is what you need to launch!

At our estate sales, you will find popular items like tools, instruments, equipment, and accessories for practically every hobby under the sun!

Stock Your Workshop

You can build your home’s workshop with fully functioning and lightly worn tools.  You can find drills, chop saws, chain saws, table saws, hammers, levels, and sanders, from standard workshop equipment to the most specialized accessories an estate sale has your back.

So be sure to check out our upcoming sales to get the ball rolling on that woodworking project that has captured your imagination.

Music for Your Soul

When the sadness seeps in after finishing an excellent show series, and nothing else captures your attention on the tv, a great way to fill the emptiness left by the show hole is music!  

At an estate sale, you will find vintage records, record players, recording devices, CDs, and often an eclectic arrangement of instruments. You can make a mix tape, start your solo act, or outfit the whole family to form a band!  Discover your talent from pianos to electronic keyboards to the string, horned, and percussive! 

So whether you are looking to go down nostalgia lane with songs from decades past or discover your hidden musical talent at Bedknob and Broomstick Estate Sales, you will find an inexpensive path to explore your options.

Rejuvenating Hobbies

The benefit of creating something with your hands is personal fulfillment. The challenge is finding inspiration, but all you need to get creative juices flowing is an inkling of an idea. The social platform Pinterest is a fun place to explore the creativity of others and absorb additional inspiration and motivation! Researching projects is a captivating activity, and when it comes time to put your plan into action, you can count on estate sales to find everything you need to get going. From scissors and glue to sewing machines, fabric, and even cameras for photography enthusiasts, an Estate Sale is a wise choice for the supplies you can use to turn your ideas into reality!

We would love to see you at our upcoming sales.  Our friendly staff are genuinely interested to help you find just what you need to lift your spirits and make your inspirations come to life!