Additional Services

More Estate Sale Services We Offer

Our standard estate sale package covers most clients’ needs, but if you need a little extra support, we can help!  Here are some additional services we can provide upon your request.

  • Coordinate the clean out of items before and after your sale.
  • Removal of items that do not sell.
  • Coordinate professional house cleaning & carpet cleaning services.
  • Removal for large items, such as pianos.
  • Arrange for the recycling of metal items.
  • Special appraisal for rare items and fine art.
  • Additional regional or national advertising.
  • Rodent or hazardous waste disposal.
  • Moving items pre-sale, either into storage or to a new home.

The prices for these services are determined by our trusted team of vendors. We never charge a fee for coordinating these services and ensure that they are completed with the highest level of professional care.

Need additional help? Please let us know!

Which Services Do You Need?

    Which Services Do You Need?

      Estate sales are an efficient, time saving and more often then not, a cost effective way to sell off personal belonging.  There are multiple situations where someone should consider estate sale services!

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      If you have questions about having an estate sale or what it involves, please visit our FAQ’s page for more information. And please reach out to us at any time if you need help!

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