Mid-Century-Modern Furniture & Art

Mid Century furniture and furniture accessories are popular vintage items these days, including art from the era. As a result, Mid Century items are the first to sell at our estate sales. 

Mid-Century Modern design embodies a timeless look with high style simplicity. Recently, we sold an Adrian Pearsall Avocado Table. Pearsall, a top designer from the Atomic age of mid-century design, is known for his walnut and glass coffee tables and the low gondola sofa. In 2008 he was inducted into the Furniture Hall of Fame. An original Avocado table in good shape typically goes for $3500 to $4000 retail on high-end designer sites. However, great finds are priced for less at our estate sales and tend to go quickly like the Avocado Table that was first item out the door.  

This year we discovered  the work of well-known local Seattle Mid-Century Artist Alden Mason,  at one of our Sales.  The owner of the paintings inherited them from his father, who was Mason’s neighbor back in the day. Of course, when we come across highly valued goods like art and period furniture, we ensure authenticity and accurate pricing. 

So, through our due diligence on the Mason paintings, we discovered several rare pieces and were able to price them accordingly. As a result, the buyer is walking away with tremendous value, and the seller has peace of mind.

Mid-century modern items are popular at our estate sales, but not alone in heading out the door quickly.  At our sales, you are sure to find, if you get there early, vintage clothing, and precious metals like gold, and silver.  Also, people love practical and utilitarian items like camping and fishing gear, tools, and electronic goods. They all tend to go quick not because they are rare but because they are priced right.

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