When Home Listing Prices Go Down
Have an Estate Sale!

Higher Interest Rates Can Lower Your Home's Price Tag

if you have to sell, we can help you make up for some of it by hosting an Estate Sale.

Cover Your Overhead and Make Up for Loss

Now might not be the best time to sell a house because rising interest rates are driving home prices down. But you may be in a situation where you need to list a home. Even if it’s a buyer market this may be your only choice, especially if you’re downsizing or handling the estate of a loved one’s home.

Moving, downsizing or a death in the family are all good reasons why you might need to sell your house in a high-interest-rate market.  You may have to lower your price to find a buyer, but hosting an estate sale is one solution that can cover your cost and it could even make up for losses. 

An estate sale can earn you thousands of dollars with no upfront costs. 

No Item Left Behind

Disposing of a lifetime of things takes money, and coordinating the effort can become a logistical nightmare. An estate sale helps homeowners streamline their move-out in a very cost savings way. At Bedknobs & Broomsticks we simply charge a percentage of the sale profit to cover our fee. 

An Estate Sale is a Win-Win In a Recession!

The talk about a recession is real. Inflation is at the grocery store, gas stations and most places folks shop. However, now is a time when people are eager to find deals, and estate sales are the ticket for many savvy shoppers who are more than happy to step out on a shopping adventure. Estate sales are an enticing resource for many people who love to score a unique find and land an enviable deal.  When the economy is rocky more people are attracted to resale items as a practical money-saving solution!

Likely the unpacked home you are selling is filled with items that can make you a profit once sold. We are experienced evaluators who determine the value and price of every kind of household or estate item. From cars to dishware to clothing and woodworking tools, we price your inventory for a successful sale!

Helping Family Downsize or Selling a House Due to Death?

When you already live on a tight schedule and suddenly you find yourself dealing with an unforeseen task, such as preparing a well lived in house to sell, it’s challenging to avoid making rash decisions.  The simple route may seam like the best means to an end. For example, packing and hauling all salvageable items to the thrift store, followed by a couple trips to the dump, at $30+ dollars a load might feel like the best solution. In addition, you may wind up giving things away and later regret it.

There is another solution. Should you opt to offer an estate sale you’ll be pleasantly surprised by how seamless the process will be. Hiring our team to organize, evaluate, and sell the contents of your house will help you in so many ways!

  1. You’ll sell so many items – Learn about valuable items in your house that you can sell!
  2. It adds flexibility to your schedule!
  3. It lightens the emotional impact of the situation.

While it might not currently be an ideal time to put your house on the market, we can help bring calm, efficiency, organization and earnings to the life altering situation you are actively experiencing.

If you need to sell a home in today’s housing market, we can help determine if an estate sale will make a positive difference. Just give us a call at (206) 290-8104 or contact us online!