Holiday Shopping for the Extraordinary Gift Giver

A Better Holiday Shopping Experience

Gifts from an estate sale are fun to find and even better to receive!

Like most of us, for some of your Christmas shopping, you avoid the consumer holiday mayhem at the malls and stores by purchasing your gifts online.  But there is another way to prevent the seasonal mad dash and still get meaningful and exciting presents to find and buy: an estate sale.

Let your eyes feast on the eclectic inventories at one of our upcoming estate sales.  If you are on a holiday mission to give the most thoughtful, one-of-a-kind presents, nothing can satisfy like an estate sale!


4 Thoughtful Christmas Present Ideas

That you can score at an Estate Sale


Last year my cousin Betsy decided to be an independent homeowner and start doing home repairs and carpentry. So just before the holidays, she set up a workshop in her basement. The problem was the shop needed more inventory. So in an act of brilliance, my other cousin Lorainne and I decided to tour local estate sales in search of handy tools to surprise Betsy with on Christmas morning. We felt confident most sales would have a good selection of screwdrivers, hammers, and wrenches but were surprised and gitty to find power tools, including a name-brand chop saw and air compressor.  All our purchases were gently worn, in good working condition, and at prices much lower than retail.  We even found some great tool stocking stuffers!

Vintage things

If you are exchanging gifts with people who bask in nostalgia or indulge in a vintage style, estate sale shopping for Xmas gift giving could be your winning ticket.  Whether their taste for the days gone by shows up in their wardrobe or home decor, you will find something at an estate sale that they will love! 

I always estate sale shop for my best friend Randy’s Xmas gifts. His kitschy decorating style and fun vintage accessories make his house a home. So every year, I bestow, quirky collectible estate finds under his tree and delight in how he arranges and incorporates them into decor schemes throughout the year.

From funky lamps to vintage pay telephones, oh what a creative decorator can do!

Kitchen Things

For those culinary loved ones that take pride in their kitchen, consider a shopping excursion to an estate sale.  Our weekend sales often display a bounty of thoughtful houseware items for sale and make not only cool but useful gifts. And, of course, kitchen accessories also make excellent gifts for friends moving into their first pad or a new home!

You never know what you will discover, from vintage glassware to a whole set of pots and pans to counter top appliances and vintage bakeware!

Art for All 

Fine Art, wall hangings, yard art, figurines, and fun decorating accessories are plentiful at most of our estate sales.  These aesthetic treasures can highlight your gift recipients’ Christmas trove. Of course, choosing art for someone other than yourself is a tricky task, but when you fully understand another person’s artistic taste, finding art for them is a fun adventure.  Shopping at estate sales for creative treasures is an enriching, eye-opening experience and when you nail that perfect item for someone special the gift giving experience is all that more fulfilling.

The Art of Thoughtful Gift Giving

There are all kinds of ways to find thoughtful gifts even online but for the one-of-kind presents Estate Sales are a treasure chests!  Estate Sale shopping for the holidays is best with planning so you can plan your schedule around the dates of sales

At Bedknob and Broomsticks Estate Sales you can shop year round for those eclectic, quirky, useful and thoughtful gifts! Just keep checking in with our upcoming sales calendar so you can plan your estate sale shopping excursions!  Or simply sign up to receive estate sale alerts.