COVID-19 Update & Online Estate Sales

Estate Sales & Social Distancing

In an effort to follow current COVID-19 protocol, and keep everyone safe, we’re now offering our estate sales online.  We believe that this is a win-win for both our clients and for our estate sale shoppers.

Clients Who Need an Estate Sale

Our online estate sales typically run longer than our live on-site sales. It’s easier for shoppers to browse through your items, as well as bid on them, and there are no minimum items required. We handle everything from adding the photos and descriptions, collecting payments, as well as oversee, and schedule, the pick-up of the items. And another big benefit: We can do the set up of your sale “virtually”!

If you’re looking to have Bedknobs and Broomsticks oversee your online sale, please call us at
(206) 679-5281 or contact us online.
Learn more about the benefits of our online sales auctions here!

Online Estate Sale Shoppers

There’s no need to drive to sale, wait in line, or rummage through items, or navigate between people! Shoppers can easily browse through all items, view multiple photos and read descriptions, and bid on items from the comfort of their homes! And with the additional time to shop and bid on items, there’s no need to miss any of our sales!

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